3B Cold Laser Therapy Device (LLLT) & Massage Gun Bundle
3B Cold Laser Therapy Device (LLLT) & Massage Gun Bundle

Learn how you can incorporate our equine massage gun and 3B cold laser into your horses maintenance and care routines. The correct physical functioning of an equine needs optimum post-workout management and rehabilitation. It is evident that physical rehabilitation, when combined with medical therapy, quickens the recovery of horses.

Advancement in technology has provided us with tools to make equine rehabilitation easier than in years prior.  Cold laser therapy (LLLT) and massage therapy can help your horse to accelerate its recovery time. We will discuss in this article why a handheld cold laser (LLLT) and equine massage gun are must-have tools in your horse-care kit.

Checkout the 3B cold laser and massage gun bundle Brandenburg Equine offers at an affordable price!


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