How to get free fortnite vbucks codes
How to get free fortnite vbucks codes

Fortnite is full of great cosmetics, and Epic Games continues to add more with each major update. Players can unlock some skins for free during events, but most are redeemed for V-Bucks, which are usually purchased with real currency.

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Even if you have the income and means to buy them, it's hard to say no when they're offered for free. Growing your collection of skins is one of the ultimate goals of many Fortnite players, and that can only be done by getting more V-Bucks.

There are only a few ways to get V-Bucks without spending any money, and here they are.

Stay away from shady sites

When players search for "free V-Bucks" on Google, they'll be greeted with a lot of shady sites and YouTube videos asking players to download software or a site asking to log into Epic.

There is no V-Bucks glitch or way to guarantee massive amounts of free V-Bucks. Don't download third-party programs that claim to give away free V-Bucks and never enter your login information on these sites.

Joining tournaments

If you are a competitive player on Fortnite you may want to play in ranked. The game's arena mode allows you to compete against other players, but there are more rewarding ways to play for V-Bucks or cash.

In-game or third-party tournaments offer cash prizes as rewards. One drawback to this method is that there will often be delays in getting them. Even if you win a tournament, it will take a few days to receive the cash prize.

In addition to the in-game tournaments hosted by Epic, there are many online tournaments hosted by others.

Using a Cashback Token

If you're only asking this question because you spent your V-Bucks on a skin you don't like, there is a way to get your money back. You have 3 refund tokens available per Fortnite account. This only returns the V-Bucks spent on the item in question. Any player will get a refund token every year as well. This change was implemented with the 18.2 update.

Fortnite gift codes

It doesn't happen every day, but Epic regularly releases gift codes for Fortnite, rewarding players with in-game cosmetics to use. These codes often come out during big events, and you'll have to claim them on your account to claim the rewards.

At the moment, there are no active gift codes on Fortnite, but the article will be updated when there are.

Honorable Mentions

These methods are not entirely free, but they are good deals on Fortnite.
Unlocking V-Bucks rewards on the battle pass

The battle pass itself costs money, but it is possible to get your investment back and then some. Fortnite allows players to unlock only the levels they like on the battle pass, so players can unlock V-Bucks rewards immediately if they have enough battle stars.

Once you enjoy the initial investment in the battle pass, it is possible to save more V-Bucks and use them to purchase other cosmetics you might enjoy.
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